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Hello all, today I would like to talk about, an open source home automation system for everyone (or almost).

Today we hear a lot about home automation, but above all about home assistants. The most common examples are Google Home and assistant, Alexa and Siri. While the latter devices, can be purchased complete with hardware and software management, to make easier to turn on and off home lights, thermostats for heating, but also to simply listen to music with the sole command of our voice, is an open source application that can be configured in all its parts. can act as both an assistant like the purchasable products described above and can work with the devices mentioned above. With you can customize your wifi devices and create routines that manages devices for home automation or so-called IoT. has many plugins already implemented and ready to use, although some, perhaps because a product is still young, does not have full functionality.

I must say that while the installation is quite easy, the configuration of devices to carry out actions is not for everyone, except with some programming knowledge. The product will certainly be successful when will be more mature. Contact me if you want more information about it.

For the moment, have fun with



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